Out with the old and in with the new. That’s how Square is starting the week as it pulls one app from the App Store and replaces it with another. Square Wallet, the commerce company’s not-so-popular mobile payment app, is no longer available on the App Store as the company begins to promote its new mobile payment app called Square Order.

Although Square Wallet boasted support for “thousands of neighborhood businesses” including a deal with Starbucks, it never really felt like its presence was really promoted nor was it more convenient than traditional payment methods. In the case of Starbucks, its support came after the coffee company’s own smartphone app included mobile payments including support for Apple’s Passbook system…

As for what’s new, Square has already introduced a new smartphone mobile payment app on the App Store called Square Order. The idea is you can place orders from your smartphone before arriving at your favorite deli or coffee shop and skip the line when you arrive as you’ve already paid.

The concept mirrors restaurant-specific efforts by chains such as Chipotle which offer a similar experience with their own apps. Square Order, however, will likely be targeted toward local small businesses creating a go-to platform for hosting their menus and accepting payments in a new way.

Support for Square Order is currently limited to two major US cities at launch: San Francisco and New York City.

Square Order joins Square’s primary app as well as Square Cash on the App Store.

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