Despite having what some consider the best ad celebrating the World Cup this year, Beats headphones cannot be worn by players in the stadium during the games or media events according to Reuters. The rule is implemented by FIFA, the international governing body over the sport, due to a licensing agreement with Sony which obviously competes with Beats in the headphones space. Despite the apparent ban this year, Beats has still been able to leverage the World Cup as an opportunity to pick up some product endorsements…

We showed you earlier this month Beats’ theatric ad called “The Game Before The Game” promoting the World Cup as Apple enjoyed several cameo appearances during the short film. Since being published to YouTube on June 5th, Beats’ ad for the World Cup has been viewed over 15 million times.

Apple, of course, announced plans to purchase Beats Electronics and Beats Music for $3 billion at the end of last month, and Apple CEO Tim Cook celebrated Beats’ World Cup ad publicly with a tweet: “The team at Beats captures it perfectly. A must watch before World Cup.”

Beats Music even released an exclusive Jay Z remix of the track “Jungle” featured in the company’s World Cup ad further promoting the event and aligning itself with the players.

The likely scenario here is despite players not being allowed to wear Beats headphones in the stadium during the matches and press events, the headphones company probably won’t lose very much momentum from the World Cup considering the rest of its marketing strategy.

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