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A new jailbreak from a Chinese team dubbed “Pangu” has been released, and reports are spreading quickly around the Internet that it does indeed successfully install the famed “Cydia” jailbreak package installer application. It appears that this jailbreak is similar to the TaiG side of the evasi0n jailbreak from last year in that it also includes a sketchy Chinese pirated app installer.

The jailbreak can be obtained from the Pangu team’s website, and there’s currently only one .exe installer file available that runs only on Windows. The size of the download is strikingly more than 70 MB, which brings about a bit of suspicion in and of itself. For those with a Mac and willing to give this a shot, it appears that Pangu has an OS X version in the works as the team has “Mac OS” listed as a compatible operating system.

Based on various web reports — although the jailbreak does appear sketchy — there doesn’t seem to be any apparently direct malicious intent. Famed jailbreak developer iH8sn0w confirms on Twitter that the package itself doesn’t “have “spyware” or malicious trails.”

We haven’t personally tested the jailbreak because — as I’m sure will be the case with many — we’re waiting for more confirmation that there isn’t anything malicious here. Notably, now that the exploit itself is out, the jailbreak will almost certainly be repackaged by the evad3rs or another jailbreak team at which point we’ll likely feel more comfortable giving it a shot. In the meantime, the Chinese website is definitely taking a hammering as countless desperate iOS 7.1 users get their hands on yet another installment of bring able to bring unofficial software to their iOS devices.

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