In what will only continue the endless stream of iPhone 6 leaks, MacRumors brings attention to a couple of new photos and videos of the supposed iPhone 6 back. Interestingly, a new dark black piece has been seen for the first time, featuring a shade much darker than the current Space Gray iPhone 5s. Until today, only gray pieces have been spotted, which does make the legitimacy of the part somewhat questionable.

The post also highlights some new images and videos from Fed & Volk, who ostensibly possess mid-production units of the iPhone 6 rear. This case is the standard light gray variant, however, and matches the component leaks we have been seeing from other sources for many months now. See a video of the part after the break …

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These pieces do not feature speaker grilles, although the company says that this is because the part is incomplete and missing some details present in the final unit. The images clearly show how the internals of the iPhone 6 will be laid out, although specifics on these components cannot be inferred from the case alone. The nano-sim slot is visible however, on the right hand side.


As noted previously, the Apple logo is cutout from the shell which has prompted some speculation about whether Apple will backlight this element inline with the Mac lineup. There has not been any concrete evidence for this however. It should be noted that iPads use the cutout style, allowing radio signals to pass through a plastic covering. Regardless of its purpose, this is the most notable change visible in these images.


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