Apple this week has greatly expanded the availability of its Apple ID two-step verification, bringing the feature from 11 countries to 59 countries. Two-step verification for Apple IDs uses either iOS’s Find my iPhone application or SMS to provide login verification in addition to a password. The feature first rolled out for both Apple ID and iCloud IDs in early 2013 and it expanded to a few more countries later that year. Here are all the countries that support two-step verification (both the original countries and the new ones):


Interestingly, a small number of the countries Apple lists as new above have had the feature for at least a year, but perhaps that was an unofficial, limited rollout. The two-step verification feature can be setup in the Password section of the Apple ID preference on the Apple ID management website. Two-step verification greatly enhances the security of your Apple ID as even if someone has your password, they will see be unable to make vital changes to your account. Apple has been testing an updated version of the service for that restricts access to your calendars, contacts, and emails with a similar two-factor approach to Apple IDs.

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