Earlier this week we reported that Apple had added Beats Music to its Apple Apps prompt for customers opening the App Store for the first time following its $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics and Beats Music.

Since that discovery Apple has gone one step further in the App Store adding it to the top of its “Apps Made by Apple” list linked at the bottom of the App Store for all customers in an effort to further promote the streaming music service app and show ownership of the Beats Music.

In addition to prominently featuring the Beats Music app for new App Store users and promoting it alongside its apps like Pages, iPhoto, and Remote, Apple is also featuring Beats Music in the Best New Apps list on the front page of the App Store this week (although its last update was July 28th).

Apple Beats Music App Store featured

Apple has taken other moves since closing the deal to acquire Beats Electronics and Beats Music on August 1st including moving sales of Beats headphones and audio equipment from the BeatsbyDre.com site to its own web store as well as prominently display a dedicated Beats by Dr. Dre section on its online store front and iOS app.

Beats Music is available as a free app on the App Store and requires a paid monthly subscription to unlock its full functionality.

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