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With Apple’s iPhone event only a few days away, speculation is still mounting as to what exactly will be announced. The Flint Center building is of particular interest. Sachin Patel used a drone to get a full aerial shot of the complex, and helps clear up what exactly Apple is building. Apple has constructed a gigantic secondary building in front of the Flint Center, seemingly taller than the theatre itself.

The development has a gap at the front to leave the fountain intact. Unfortunately, as Apple has covered the entire structure in a white veil, the purpose of the site is still unknown. The initial pictures of the construction were a bit misleading, as they seemed to show Apple was merely extending the Flint Center. This aerial photo in combination with a Flyover screenshot (below) clarify that is in fact a distinct, separate building.

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Pachin was spooked by security at the campus, but did manage to get a short video of the site. Speculation has run wild about this creation. Some have speculated it is some sort of ‘mock house’ to demo HomeKit integration, or even a popup gym to show off the iWatch’s fitness tracking capabilities.  Apple’s demo rooms of the past are just that, rooms with desks filled with product. This isn’t normal. There’s also the chance it could be something much more mundane, like parking, of course.

It’s also worth remembering how unusual it is for Apple to use the Flint Center as its event venue in the first place, even ignoring the secondary building. Usually, Apple holds iPhone events at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts or at its own on-campus Town Hall theater. Apple famously unveiled the Mac at the Flint Center, leading some people to think that Apple has chosen this event as it will have a similar magnitude of importance. We’ll know for sure on September 9th!

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