With iOS 8 launching yesterday and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus hitting stores and delivering to customers tomorrow, a number of apps have already begun shipping updates to take advantage of the new screen sizes and software features. With several customers asking where the update for Fantastical 2 on iOS 8 was, Flexibits today shared in a blog post its plans for the iPhones 6 and new version of iOS.

The makers of the smart calendar app note that the current version of Fantastical 2 has already been released with iOS 8 support and that a version of Fantastical 2 optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has today been submitted so users of the new device won’t have to wait long for the new version. More importantly, a version introducing a Notification Center widget and system extension will be “coming in the next few weeks.”

Tapbots, another development team with apps customers are eagerly looking for updates from, shared last night that they are actively working on Tweetbot 3 for iPad as well as new versions of some of their older apps.

That’s the latest on some of our favorite apps with updates not yet available, but check our round up coverage of some of the latest apps shipping third-party keyboards, Today view widgets for Notification Center, and extensions in the meantime.

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