Climate Week NYC is an annual conference about environmental sustainability. For 2014, there is a particular focus on lowering carbon emission across business, government and individuals. Apple CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to speak at the event, for the first time, at 12 PM EST. The livestream for the event is embedded below.

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Cook will speak alongside other ‘ambitious and innovative companies’ in green energy, including executives from IKEA and Bloomberg. The segment is targeted at invoking instant changes in business behaviour, by highlighting how lowering carbon emissions is in the self-interest of companies in addition to the benefits on the global environment.

Although Cook has not appeared at this event before, it makes sense for an Apple presence in the context of recent company campaigns. Not only are Apple executives participating in public events much more often nowadays (such as Tim Cook’s interview with Charlie Rose, his upcoming interview with WSJDLive or Greg Joswiak’s upcoming appearance at Code/Mobile), Apple has been heavily pushing environmental sustainability.

After hiring EPEAT’s Lisa Jackson in May 2013, Apple has converted much of its power to 100% renewable energy. It has an entire microsite dedicated to its efforts and has even advertised its environmental commitments in the press. Apple’s upcoming campus will be powered solely by renewable energy sources, as are its latest data centers. Cook has stated many times that whilst secretive about new products, he wants every company to ‘copy’ Apple’s focus on the environment.

The conference itself begins at 10 AM EST, but Cook is not scheduled to appear until midday.

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