MyFitnessPal, an app focused on helping you track your diet habits and caloric intake, has released a new version today with support for HealthKit and Apple’s new Health app on iOS 8. The new version allows users to interface three types of data with Apple’s Health app and other HealthKit-enabled apps: meal summaries, weight syncing, and workout data from exercises. Specifically, MyFitnessPal can share meal data you add to the app with other HealthKit apps while weight and workout data can be shared back and forth with other apps.

The app adds to a small list of approved HealthKit apps on the App Store after Apple removed HealthKit-enabled apps on iOS 8 launch day due to a last minute big with the feature forcing developers to submit updated versions of their apps without HealthKit support in order to be available again.

Earlier this week, Apple released iOS 8.0.1 with a number of bug fixes including the return of HealthKit support, but the update was quickly pulled after users reported it disabling cellular service and Touch ID functionality on iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus devices. Last night iOS 8.0.2 was distributed with a fix for the previous issues again re-enabling HealthKit.

iPhone users with iOS 8 looking to put Apple’s new Health app and HealthKit to use can try out MyFitnessPal for free on the App Store, and 9to5Mac will continue to share HealthKit apps as they become available.

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