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Facebook has added a nifty new feature that hopefully you won’t need to use too often: notifications of nearby disasters, and a one-touch means of letting family and friends know that you’re ok … 


If the Facebook app detects that you’re in the general area of a disaster like an earthquake, the Safety Check feature provides an alert through the Notification Center and offers a choice of two buttons: one saying that you’re safe, the other saying you’re not in the affected area. Your friends then see a reassuring message in their newsfeeds.

If you’re with friends or family at the time, you can also mark them safe on their behalf.

Facebook updated its iOS app just yesterday to take full advantage of the larger screen sizes of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The separate Facebook Messenger app was updated for the same reason last month. It also appears that Facebook plans to allow person-to-person payments through the app.

Both Facebook and Facebook Messenger are free downloads from iTunes.

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