Earlier this month Apple published some support documents that referred to an iCloud.com-based Photos web app for managing a photo library. It was discovered that when the URL for the app was entered into the beta version of the iCloud site, it produced an error message rather than simply redirecting to the home page like any other invalid link.

Today a 9to5Mac reader attempted to load the app and was presented with the page pictured above indicating that users running iOS 8.1 (which includes the beta version of the iCloud Photo Library feature) will be able to use the web app to view their photos. With iOS 8.1 scheduled for release on Monday, it’s not a stretch to think the online version of the app will be launching then as well.

Photos for Mac, on the other hand, is still said to be coming in early 2015. Even so, Adobe is already capitalizing on the upcoming discontinuation of iPhoto and Aperture and released a Lightroom importer for those apps yesterday. Users who have decided to stick with Apple’s first-party offering may have to wait until next year for a native OS X application, but hopefully this new web app will do a decent job of filling the gap for the time being.

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