A new job listing posted by Apple shows that the company is working to bring its in-house Maps app, currently only available as native apps for iOS and Mac OS X, to the web.

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The position for a “Maps Web Developer” is seeking an individual experienced in “creating beautiful and responsive user interfaces” with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The developer will work with Apple’s teams on web implementations of its mapping technology. Specifically, Apple says the individual’s role will be to “help make maps work seamlessly on the web” and build “client- side web development for maps-related experiences.”

A web implementation of Apple’s maps started appearing for the Find My iPhone feature on its sites back in July, but as of today the sites are still using maps powered by Google. The switch to its own maps on the web for Find My iPhone would be the last piece of the puzzle for switching away from maps powered by Google since replacing Google Maps with its own Maps app in iOS 6.

We’d imagine that Apple Maps for Find My iPhone on the web is still on the way, but it’s unclear what other “maps-related” web experiences might be in the pipeline.

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