In a recent change to its iCloud syncing service, Apple has raised the total number of contacts it will store and sync across your devices before hitting the maximum allowed. Previously iCloud enforced a hard limit of syncing 25,000 contacts, but an updated support document (via highlights that limit doubling now to a total of 50,000 contacts… Apple states that exceeding the limit may cause iCloud to experience “issues keeping changes up to date across your devices,” advising that users stay within the doubled contacts limit as well as other limits for calendars, reminders, and Safari bookmarks.

The syncing limits for calendars, reminders, and bookmarks remain unchanged. Apple currently allows up to 25,000 calendars, events, and reminder entries, 100 calendar and reminder lists, 50,000 vCards in your address book, and 25,000 bookmarks before syncing issues begin directly related to these caps.

These types of data are stored and kept up-to-date across iOS devices, Macs, and the web at no cost to iCloud users and without hitting the free 5GB of storage free accounts include.

Apple did introduce iCloud storage upgrades last year at WWDC with the higher capacity tiers rolling out last September alongside iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Paid plans now range from 20GB to 1TB for up to $20/month. As part of Apple’s push of iWork on, Apple also recently introduced free 1GB iCloud accounts for users without Apple products.

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