Two interesting app updates out today that make enjoying media from your iOS device even better.

On the reading front, Amazon has updated its Kindle for iOS app to include a font called Bookerly that it says was designed especially for reading on a digital screen. The font, which was first made available on its Kindle Fire devices, is described by Amazon as “warm and contemporary.”

Amazon adds that the font was “inspired by the artistry of the best fonts in modern print books but is hand-crafted for optimal readability at any screen size.” Bookerly should be a font option for “most” Kindle books starting with Kindle version 4.9.

In the video space, HBO has released a minor update to its recently redesigned HBO Go app for iPhone and iPad that could have a big impact on how you watch content on your TV. Along with a fix for Bluetooth audio streaming and the usual bug fixes and improvements, HBO Go version 3.0.1 adds support for playback through HDMI output.

This means you can connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your HDTV using an adapter like Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter and watch your movies and TV shows from HBO Go on your iOS device through the big screen. This is ideal for sets without an Apple TV or Chromecast in the middle if you already have the adapter handy.

The update is available for HBO Go subscribers through the App Store. If you don’t subscribe to HGO through a cable package, don’t miss HBO Now, the standalone subscription version of the premium network that launched in April.

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