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When Apple Music launches around the world on June 30th, the icon for Music on iOS and iTunes on OS X is set to change from the pinkish orange version we’ve had since iOS 7 and OS X 10.10 to one drenched in technicolor (yawn). Apple generally only changes the icon for Music and iTunes after a major feature addition or overall redesign, and the idea here is to attract attention and have more people look within the app to discover Apple Music. But are you a fan of the new icon design?

Once Apple Music debuts, the splash of rainbow color within or around a music note is what people will see until Apple decides Music and iTunes have changed enough again to earn a new set of paint on the icon. You can see the Mac version at the top, and below you’ll find the new icon on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (with iOS 8.4; see Newsstand still intact) Apple Watch, and even CarPlay (click to enlarge).

It’s certainly a different look and a big departure from the more neutral, flatter versions of the last few years. Let us know what you think about this new look in our poll and the comments:


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