[Update: Apple tells us that The Chronic will definitely be available tomorrow on Apple Music.]

[Update #2: The Chornic is available on Apple Music and available to purchase digitally for the first time on the iTunes Store.]

Taylor Swift’s 1989 album isn’t the only high profile record exclusive coming to Apple’s new streaming music service when it launches tomorrow. Apple Music is said to include Dr. Dre’s classic album The Chronic for streaming, Rolling Stone reports, which will be a digital first for the hip-hop album.

The album’s inclusion in the catalog is especially notable as it hasn’t yet been available digitally including through the iTunes Store or Beats Music.

That’s due in part to a legal battle over the rights to the record with Dr. Dre being awarded digital rights to the album in 2011 while the label Death Row holds the rights to physical sales.

Dr. Dre, of course, co-founded Beats Electronics and Beats Music, which Apple acquired for $3 billion last year. Apple Music is based heavily on that acquisition with many elements from the Beats Music service present on Apple’s new streaming music service.

Dr Dre The Chronic

You won’t find the album digitally on iTunes or Amazon

In addition to possibly boosting Apple Music with the digital exclusive of his classic album The Chronic, Dr. Dre is said to be involved with the Beats 1 streaming radio station as well. The hip-hop artist will host a slot on the broadcast called “The Pharmacy” alongside other notable artists including Drake and Elton John with Zane Lowe leading the effort.

Apple Music launches with iOS 8.4 and updates to iTunes tomorrow at 8 AM PT while Beats 1 begins broadcasting at 9 AM.

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