With the introduction of the iPhone 6s lineup and the new iPhone Upgrade Program, Apple’s AppleCare+ extended warranty program gets a slight price increase to $129 from the previous $99 price point.

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The AppleCare+ plan for iPhone 6s models, which offers extended hardware warranty coverage beyond the complimentary 1 year Apple bundles with devices, also has a higher service fee for accidental damage going from the previous $79 to $99 per incident.

While the new iPhone lineup gets the higher pricing for AppleCare+, the iPhone 6 and older models can still purchase the extended warranty for $99 (and a $79 service fee).

The move comes as Apple introduces a new iPhone Upgrade Program for the new iPhone 6s lineup that allows users to finance their iPhone for $32/month with AppleCare+ included. That price is on par with T-Mobile and licensing programs from other carriers, but with the $129 AppleCare+ included, Apple could encourage users to purchase direct through its new program opposed to through their carrier of choice.


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