Pixelmator for iPhone and iPad today received another big update with several milestone features for the mobile image editor. Perhaps most importantly, Pixelmator for iOS now fully integrates with iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. This includes highly responsive brushes taking advantage of the Apple Pencil’s low latency drawing as well as palm rejection support. The Apple Pencil brushes adapt to pressure and tilt of the Apple Pencil accessory.

For the iPhone app, Pixelmator has added 3D Touch support throughout the application …

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Pixelmator has added 3D Touch pressure sensitive for brush painting, although how much painting you want to do on the small iPhone screen with your finger is questionable. Arguably more useful is the fact that Pixelmator has also added 3D Touch features to the application in general.

This means you can Peek and Pop into documents to preview photos from the Gallery screen. There are also home screen Quick Actions to quickly create a new image or import from the Photos library.

Naturally, these 3D Touch features require an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. However, alongside Apple Pencil and 3D Touch support, Pixelmator 2.2 includes several other enhancements that benefit all iOS users. There is now an auto-straighten feature to correctly orient the horizon line in one tap, larger font sizes up to 1000 pixels, and snapping cropping lines to precisely align your trimmed images. The update also adds a set of Basic brushes, including pixel-level brush for making 8-bit imagery. As expected, there are also a host of performance and bug fixes in tow.

Download Pixelmator for iPhone and iPad ($4.99) from the App Store. You can also download Pixelmator for Mac ($29.99) from the Mac App Store, with iCloud syncing of all your documents across the iOS and Mac app.

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