Facebook today announced it’s rolling out a new feature for its Messenger chat app that will let users book a car through Uber. The feature, it said, expands on other “integrations” it’s added recently outside of the app’s core chat functionality, like the ability to send money or use the app for customer support.

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Today, we’re expanding the services available to you with our launch of transportation on Messenger. With this new feature, you can request a ride from a car service without ever needing to download an extra app or leave a conversation. It’s super easy and doesn’t take you away from the plans that you’re making with your friends or family.

Here’s how it works. In the latest version of the Messenger mobile app, you’ll find a “Transportation” option under the menu in conversations. Alternatively, you can search for Uber, the company’s first and for now only partner for the feature, and tap the icon to request a car. You’ll be able to complete the entire process without using the Uber app.

For a limited time, Uber is giving $20 free ride credits if you link your Uber account in Messenger.

The service is rolling out now but the company notes that it’s still in testing and available in select locations in the US only. But it plans to expand the service with more locations and car services in the near future.

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And the Messenger app also gets an update today to version 52.0 with the addition of 3D Touch for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users (pictured above), the ability to invite anyone with a phone number to chat, and, for the holidays, snowflakes “when you send or receive winter related emojis and stickers.”

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