A long-running patent dispute between Apple and mobile comms pioneer Ericsson dating has been settled, said the Swedish company, announcing that a license deal for its 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE patents had been reached. The amount Apple agreed to pay for use of the patented technology has not been disclosed, but Reuters cited an estimate in an investment note from a Nordic bank.

Investment bank ABG Sundal Collier said in a note to clients it believed the deal meant Apple would be charged around 0.5 percent of its revenue on iPads and iPhones by Ericsson.

The two companies have been in dispute since 2012. Apple took Ericsson to court back in January, claiming that the company was asking too much money for a license, and Ericsson countersued shortly afterwards.

The Swedish company upped the stakes in February, asking the ITC to block iPhones from the USA. The ITC agreed to investigate, but did not impose an import ban. Ericsson’s next move was to sue Apple in Europe, but it appears that the two companies have now settled their differences.


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