Early last year, Microsoft unveiled the Cloud Storage Partner Program enabling various cloud storage providers to integerate their tools into Office Online and Office for iOS. Microsoft’s latest announcement takes that a step further for partners in the CSPP by giving them access to real-time collaboration, and Office for iOS integration for all partners.

Focusing on this announcement for iOS, starting today all CSPP partners can integrate their cloud services into the Office for iOS platform, thus enabling multiple cloud services to be integerated as “Places” within the Office for iOS suite. This is perfect for individuals who use Office for iOS on their personal devices, but also need to connect to various cloud services for their work. Users will no longer have to launch that individual cloud service provider’s application before beginning to edit directly within their Office app of choice.

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel will all support these new services for opening, editing, and creating documents within your favorite cloud service. The integration today enables Box, with Citrix ShareFile, Edmodo, and Egnyte coming next.

Doculus, a mobile reader for sales contracts, also announced a partnership with Microsoft today looking to improve the way documents are read and reviewed on mobile devices. Doculus automatically examines documents and pulls out titles, sections, tables, and other content to make filtering and finding crucial information significantly easier. With today’s announcement, they’ve added Office 365 integration, allowing users to access all their documents stored in the cloud directly from within Doculus. From there, users are able to access Microsoft Word and begin editing their documents.

Doculus is available for free in the App Store and compatible with both iPhone and iPads.

Office for iOS (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) is available for free in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone and iPads. To fully unlock the suite’s potential, an Office 365 subscription is required on iPad Pro.

(via: Doculus and Office Blogs)