If you have a jailbroken Apple TV 4, and are wondering what you can do with it, then look no further than Kevin Bradley’s NitoTV 1.0. The just-released utility is an all-in-one tool for those of you who have jailbroken their Apple TV 4. NitoTV 1.0 lets you install packages, and is sort of like the Cydia equivalent for tvOS. Check out the full how-to guide inside.

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How to install NitoTV 1.0 on Apple TV 4

Step 1: Jailbreak your Apple TV 4 using our step-by-step guide

Step 2: SSH into your Apple TV

ssh root@Apple-TV.local

The password will be alpine but we recommend changing that password to something unique by using the passwd command.

Step 3: Type the following in the terminal window while logged in to your Apple TV 4:

wget http://nitosoft.com/ATV4/installNTV.sh
chmod +x installNTV.sh

Step 4: Your Apple TV will restart, and when it boots back up, you’ll see the NitoTV app. With the NitoTV app, you can do things like install a web browser, Provenance emulator, and a MAME emulator. Although all of the aforementioned apps can be sideloaded on a non-jailbroken Apple TV 4 with a free Apple developer account, NitoTV makes the process easier.

How to jailbreak Apple TV 4

Be sure to watch our step-by-step Apple TV jailbreak tutorial above if you’re curious about doing so with your Apple TV 4. Remember, the Apple TV will need to be running tvOS 9.0 or tvOS 9.0.1 to be susceptible to the Pangu jailbreak tool.

This is likely just the start for the Apple TV 4. Stay tuned for more tutorials and how-tos in the near future, and special thanks to Kevin Bradley for the awesome new utility. You can find more details on Kevin’s work here.

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