Earlier this month, Apple announced that it would make the premium Hermès bands for Apple Watch available as a standalone purchase and today it has done just that. Now, Apple Watch customers can purchase a Hermès band for their Apple Watch separately via Apple’s online store.

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Previously, the only way to obtain a Hermès band was to buy it paired with the Apple Watch itself. The Single Tour, Double Tour, and Cuff Hermès bands paired with an Apple Watch go for upwards of $1,100. Now, the Hermès Single Tour band is available for $340 by itself in sapphire blue, deer brown, fire orange and black for 38mm and 42mm customers. 38mm users have the added choice of peacock blue and white, as well.

The Hermès Double Tour band is available solely in the 38mm variety and comes in at $490. The Double Tour is available in regular and long strap variants. The regular length option comes in white, peacock, sapphire blue, tin gray, fire orange, and deer brown color choices, while the long strap band is available only in deer brown.

Rounding out the Hermès Apple Watch band lineup is the Cuff option, which is available only in a 42mm size and in deer brown. The Cuff band will run interested customers $690.

Last month, Apple refreshed the Apple Watch models with a variety of new bands and colors, including a new set of nylon bands and a Space Black Milanese Loop. At first, the Hermès collection was available only in limited retail locations, but Apple expanded it to its online store earlier this year.

If you’re not looking to spend a hefty amount of money to get your hands on an official Hermès band, a variety of options are available from third-parties on Amazon.

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