Sonos Apple Music 2-1

Sonos integrated Apple Music earlier this year

Almost a year ago Sonos introduced its latest flagship wireless speaker with the second-generation Play:5 (review), and now Sonos is preparing to make news again with a media event in New York City later this month.

Sonos today teased ‘the Future of Sound at Home’ with an invitation to ‘Come hear how it’s all connected’ on August 30 at a private media event in New York City. Guessing from the media invite (below), the announcement could cover new software features coming to the wireless sound system or possibly a new accessory that works with Sonos speakers.

Since last year, Sonos has also integrated with Apple Music to stream music from the subscription service directly to Sonos speakers — first in beta then for all customers.

Sonos has also openly discussed working on Amazon Echo-like voice control features, although that move was only announced in March so it may be a little soon to see something new on that front.

We’ll keep you posted with whatever Sonos has in store for August 30 so stay tuned.

Sonos NYC event

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