If you’re still waiting for your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus to arrive and want to get a sense of what the camera can do – or you have yours already and are looking for some inspiration – a Redditor has collated all of Apple’s sample photos and videos. You can view them on Imgur, or download them from Dropbox at maximum quality.

He used a simple but ingenious method to obtain them …


Redditor quitethewaysaway simply visited an Apple Store and Airdropped them from a demo phone to his own.

The samples include earlier ones taken with the iPhone 6s – all those dated 8th July onward were shot on the iPhone 7/Plus. He notes that all Live Photos have been turned into stills on both Imgur and Dropbox, and the Imgur 4K videos have been downscaled, but you can download the originals from Dropbox.

Note that Dropbox does limit download numbers, so that link may not work for long.

Not all of the photos are particularly artistic. Many are designed to demonstrate particular features of the camera, such as its low-light capabilities and telephoto lens, while others are just family snaps. We’ve collected a few of the more artistic ones into the gallery below, downsized for faster loading. You can click on photos to view them at a larger size.

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