Back in April of 2011, Final Cut Pro X was previewed at the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group meeting, or LAFCUG, which occurred during NAB2011. This preview happened several months prior to the official debut of Final Cut Pro X later that summer, which was a drastic departure from the previous Final Cut Pro 7.

Final Cut Pro X has evolved immensely since its debut release, reacquiring many of the features that were dropped from Final Cut Pro 7, and adding a ton of additional features along the way. The latest version of the app, version 10.3, is arguably the biggest update of the software since its debut.

During a November, 2016 LAFCUG meeting, just after the announcement and subsequent release of Final Cut Pro 10.3, Apple representatives demonstrated the latest version of the video editing software in a much more in-depth fashion than what we saw on stage during the product’s October release in Cupertino.

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From that initial preview back in 2011, to last month’s seminar, it’s safe to say that LAFCUG has been a big part of Final Cut Pro X’s history, as attendees were able to learn new tips and tricks, while watching the product come full circle.

But the real story here is that there are videos of the meeting, thanks to FCPWORKS. In the following two YouTube videos, which were brought to my attention by a post on the FCP-centric website, an Apple representative walks through many of the new Final Cut Pro 10.3 features. The first video, features Apple’s Luke Tristam, and serves as a general walkthrough of the 10.3 workflow. Topics include the timeline view on the Touch Bar, new user interface, content libraries, titles and generators, button locations, Workspaces, audio lanes, and more:

The second video is a more focused tips and tricks roundup to help users to take advantage of 10.3’s new features as fast as possible:

Both videos are fascinating, because they provide a much more in-depth look than the brief session that was shown on stage during October’s Town Hall MacBook event. If you’re a Final Cut Pro X user of any sort, you’ll definitely want to watch and digest these videos, as it’s training provided directly from Apple.

Of course, we also did our very own feature roundup of Final Cut Pro 10.3. In the video that follows, I walk through 10 of my favorite new 10.3 features.

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You can purchase Final Cut Pro X from the App Store for $299.99. That may seem steep on the surface, but it’s a one time purchase, and ends up saving you money over the long run when compared to a Creative Cloud Subscription for Adobe Premiere Pro. Plus, Final Cut Pro X runs much faster on the average Mac in my experience. I edited 4K videos on a 12″ MacBook for several months using Final Cut Pro X, and it was largely doable.

Have you upgraded to 10.3 yet? If so, what’s your favorite new feature?

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