While Apple has expanded its band lineup for spring 2017 with several new styles and colors, it has also limited the band options that come with new Apple Watch purchases. Apple Watch Series 2 is now only available with Sport Band and Milanese Loop when purchased new, essentially increasing the cost of the premium leather and metal link bracelets at least for new buyers.

Apple has previously offered Apple Watch with several different options without buying separate bands including Classic Buckle, Leather Loop, Modern Buckle, Woven Nylon, and Link Bracelet.

Now Apple only offers Apple Watch with leather bands in the Hermès collection which also include Sport bands; Apple’s leather bands are all sold separately. Classic Buckle gains a new style while Modern Buckle and Leather Loop are still available.

All Woven Nylon bands including the new styles and the pricier Link Bracelets in both colors are currently sold separately as well.

Hermès collection aside, all Apple Watches purchased now will come with Sport Band or Milanese Loop. Whether this is based on what sells the most (or creating more add-on purchases) or only bundling swim-ready bands for the swim-proof Series 2 for the spring season, it certainly simplifies the Apple Watch lineup.

You may still be able to find inventory in some retailers with other bands bundled for now (and save the cost of an add-on band), but Apple’s stock of these models has been slim for a while now.

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