An unverified rumor from Israeli blog The Verifier claims the next iPhone will feature Apple’s special Smart Connector for inductive ‘wireless’ charging and VR/AR accessories. Apple currently only uses the Smart Connector on the iPad Pro line…

This isn’t the first time Apple’s Smart Connector has been rumored for an upcoming iPhone. Prior to the iPhone 7 debut last year, leaks showed versions of the iPhone 7 Plus ahead of its introduction with the Smart Connector placed on the back. While the overall design was accurate including the dual camera layout, the Smart Connector remains an iPad-only connection.

Separately, wireless charging has been rumored to come to the iPhone this fall, although inductive wireless charging in the same style as the Apple Watch may be disappointing. Still, it’s plausible as you can already use inductive wireless charging to power the iPad Pro using the Smart Connector and Logitech Base.

The Verifier believes Apple will also use the Smart Connector for augmented/virtual reality accessories in some way too. The report also claims new Apple TV hardware and AirPlay will have a role in Apple’s VR/AR vision.

For what it’s worth, the report comes from a website with other claims that have not yet been tested including iOS 11 including group FaceTime and enhanced Siri features like iMessage integration.

Aside from today’s claim, Smart Connector has not been rumored for this iPhone cycle. What we are expecting includes a new larger edge-to-edge display in the body of the iPhone 7, an OLED panel like the Apple Watch, stronger waterproofing and enhanced cameras.

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