Continuing with this week’s flow of supposed iPhone 8 leaks, Benjamin Geskin is back at it again today. The latest images show off the iPhone 8’s mold with the new vertical dual-lens camera system lining up with his previous leaks.

Geskin shared three images on Twitter today along with the message, “#iPhone8 mold and diagram leaked.” The first image contains a schematics sheet appearing to show off cut-outs for the vertical dual-lens camera, Lightning port, and power button. The second and third images look like CNC-milled molds that line up with the schematic sheet’s renderings. From these images alone there’s no way to know at what point in the manufacturing process these are from, if they’re real at all.

Noticeably missing from the schematics and mold is an additional cut-out for a rear Touch ID. This could just be because of the mold’s early point in the manufacturing process, or the fact that the iPhone 8 will have Touch ID embedded in the display.

The latter would line up with a purported iPhone 8 case design that lacked rear Touch ID as well. Many will be happy to hear that news as only 9% of 9to5Mac readers said they’d want a rear Touch ID on their devices.

Geskin previously shared a dummy model of the iPhone 8, even including an iPhone 8 CNC model in hand. However, that leak wasn’t as detailed as Geskin’s previous one that contained a sketch of the iPhone 8 internals.

Molds like the ones seen today are used in the manufacturing process by companies as they finalize the hardware construction. With lack of information as to what point in the process these come from, any guesses as to a final result are still vague.

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