Although it’s likely that no deal will ever surpass Micro Center’s ridiculous $1000 off it recently ran for the iMac Pro, this one comes closest. B&H is offering $500 off any available iMac Pro SKU. That means that you can potentially score a base model 8-core iMac Pro, for $4494.00 out the door.

Synology RT2600ac: The AirPort Extreme replacement.

Update: This deal has expired.

To take advantage of this deal, use the promo code AIBHIMACPRO1 during the checkout process. Once applied, it will remove $500 off your iMac Pro purchase.

This seems to work with all iMac Pro SKUs that B&H sells, which is most, if not all of them. Note that some SKUs, like those that involve the Magic Trackpad, are special order only. Other SKUs may still be only available for preorder.

This is hands-down the best deal that we’ve seen on the iMac Pro thus far, outside of Micro Center’s one-off deal. Actually, this may be better than Micro Center’s deal, because B&H will ship anywhere in the United States, and if you purchase outside of New York, your purchase is tax free up front.

You better act fast, though, because at these prices, there’s no telling how long this deal will last.

Earlier today I talked about how I planned on keeping my iMac Pro, highlighting some of its features that make it an ideal machine for professional work and for gaming. Be sure to watch our hands-on video below for more details.

Special thanks to our reader Elle Kenwood for the heads up about the promo code. Do you plan on purchasing an iMac Pro?

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