Apple Events for Apple TV has been updated ahead of Tuesday’s education event in Chicago. The new version includes a theme refresh to match the event invitations with the Apple Pencil-sketched logo, but it also includes confirmation on live streaming plans.

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Apple typically uses its Events app for delivering its live stream of product announcements and keynotes, but next week’s education event will not be streamed in realtime.

We had reason to suspect this might be the case, and Apple has confirmed it through the new Events app update:

Watch the special event—held at Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago, Illinois—after it concludes.

The ‘after it concludes’ bit is what to take away there. Like Apple’s previous education event several years ago, the keynote will not be viewable in real time but you will be able to play the event back after it wraps up.

At any rate, 9to5Mac will be in attendance at the education event on Tuesday so stay tuned to our live blog for all the latest events out of the keynote. For a primer on what to expect next week, catch up on our event expectations roundup as well.

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Apple Events should update automatically on tvOS, or you can search Apple Events in the App Store to jump to the latest version now. Apple TV models prior to tvOS are also receiving the theme refresh with the same message regarding the live stream.

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