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While most users won’t make or receive phone calls anymore, it’s still a thing that’s built into iPhone. Especially, when you have family who is older who may have a smartphone but really shouldn’t. In any case, sometimes you simply cannot take a phone call. For example, if you’re in a meeting or at an event. So, in those situations it would be nice to send a quick text, letting the person on the line know what’s going on.

In comes in respond with text, a feature that lets you quickly send a canned response, letting the other line know that you’re busy.

Follow along to learn how to customize these responses….

iPhone: How to customize respond with text while receiving a phone call

  1. Fire up Settings > Phone > Respond with Text.
  2. You can have up to three custom responses. Tap any of the fields and type out what you’d like as a possible response.

Now, whenever you get a phone call that you’d like not to answer, you’ll have a few quick shortcuts that will send as either an iMessage or SMS back to the caller, letting them know your situation. You’ll also have a handy fourth option when receiving a call. This option lets you create a custom message by simply sending you into the Messages app to type out a response.

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