September 17

Apple spent a good portion of its iPhone 11 event keynote highlighting the camera improvements arriving with this year’s releases. Now, Sebastiaan de With, co-founder of the popular iOS camera app, Halide, has broken down how the camera hardware details compare between the iPhone 11/Pro and the iPhone XS.

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September 15

Last week, we broke down all of the differences between the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 – explaining that for many people, the iPhone XR is still an excellent choice. What about the iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro? Read on as we detail all of the differences.

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September 10

After months of speculation, Apple today officially held its “By innovation only” iPhone 11 and Apple Watch Series 5 event at Steve Jobs Theater. The event included new iPhone announcements, details on future Services, and much more.

Read on as we recap everything Apple announced today.

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Apple officially announced the siblings to the iPhone 11 — the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max — as successors to iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The prices are the same as last year, $999 and $1,099. Preorders start Friday at 5 a.m. Pacific Time.

There’s a new midnight green color, a refreshed space gray and silver, and a new gold finish. Apple is also touting a wider dynamic range display called Super Retina XDR. And yes, it has a new triple camera system — a triangular array of lenses in a rectangular camera bump.

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March 16, 2013

Images from Patent no. 7433483

Apple has found itself on the wrong side of another patent lawsuit. Lucasfilm-owned THX sued Apple yesterday over a claimed infringed patent relating to the speaker designs found on the new iMacs, iPhones, and iPads.


Patent no. 7433483, filed in 2008 by THX, protects “narrow profile sound systems” that shoot sound out a “narrow sound duct.” The exact patent description reads as follows:

A narrow profile speaker unit comprises at least one speaker outputting sound towards an internal surface and through a duct with an output terminus, such as a slot, having a narrow dimension, effectively changing the cross-section of the speaker’s audio output wave. A pair of speakers may face one another, outputting sound towards a common output slot. Multiple pairs of speakers may be used to form an inline speaker unit for increased sound output. A slotted speaker unit may include multiple speakers facing the same direction, towards a groundplane or reflecting surface, and having parallel apertures for allowing sound radiation. The speaker units may be integral with or attached to electronic appliances such as desktop computers or flatscreen devices, or may be used in automobiles or other contexts.

THX was founded in 1983 as a division of Lucasfilm and was re-booted in 2001 as an independent company. Apple and THX have never had friction in the past, and, just two months ago, THX released ‘THX tune-up’. It’s an app that allows you to adjust your “TV, projector and speakers” all from your iPhone or iPad.

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November 3, 2018

Apple’s special event in Brooklyn on Tuesday brought the introduction of two new Macs, as well as new iPad Pro models with features such as Face ID, USB-C, and more. If you missed the event, 9to5Mac’s Jeff Benjamin put together an excellent recap in under 9 minutes.

Read on as we give a clear picture of what the 2018 iPad lineup looks like for the holiday season, and compare iPad models.

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