The iPad mini has long had a rather odd position in the model lineup, but things got weirder still with the new iPad mini launched today.

The smallest iPad in the line-up originally had to try to satisfy the needs of two very different types of customers. There were those who bought it because it was, at the time, the cheapest iPad. In particular, the combination of relatively low-cost and diminutive size made it a popular choice for kids.

But there were also those for whom it was never about price …

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January 25

The iPhone SE (hands-on), which is quickly approaching its third anniversary, was an amazing phone when it was released. It gave us a device with the timeless design of the iPhone 5s, with modern specs borrowed from the iPhone 6s.

With the news that Apple recently sold out of a clearance allotment of the iPhone SE, it got me really thinking about the device again. Are people crazy for buying a nearly three-year-old budget-minded iPhone in 2019? Watch our hands-on video as I revisit the iPhone SE, breaking down its current strengths and weaknesses.

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January 26

Head below for our hands-on look at new advanced artificial intelligence features and more in the recent release of popular macOS photo editor Luminar 3.

Get a free trial of Luminar 3 and $10 off by clicking here $59 (Reg. $69)

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January 7

Yesterday saw renders of what Digit claims to be a first look at the 2019 iPhone, and 9to5Mac readers weren’t impressed by the look.

That’s incredibly ugly.

No offence to the person that created that, but ewww.

No. Just no.

This is a horrendous design!

But while I agree about the aesthetics, I would like to see Apple add cameras to the iPhone …

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December 7, 2018

DxOMark today revealed their official score for rating the iPhone XR’s sole rear camera, awarding the shooter a mark of 101, the highest ever for a single-lens smartphone. The score even got Apple’s Marketing chief Phil Schiller’s Tweet of approval, which is notable because previous DxOMark’s often ambiguous scores were disavowed by many in the Apple community after the company often rated relatively inexpensive Android phones consistently higher than flagship iPhones. expand full story

November 20, 2018

Pro customers are Apple’s most loyal audience. It’s easy to be an iPhone or iPad enthusiast. Regular software updates are practically guaranteed, and year-over-year hardware improvements are dramatic. It’s been much harder to remain optimistic in the pro market. Software changes can make or break productivity, and hardware has, at times, felt neglected and forgotten. For pro customers, this year’s Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit in Cupertino proved that loyalty isn’t without reward.

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