September 8, 2014

August 28, 2013

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is planning its first new store in Tokyo since 2005.

Apple plans to open a store in Tokyo’s upscale Omotesando shopping district as early as March, according to a person familiar with the plans.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by February, the person said, asking not to be identified because they aren’t authorized to speak for Apple.

Tokyo is noted for its high land values. Bloomberg estimating the cost of the land at around $164M with the finished store expected to be worth a staggering $256M …  expand full story

January 2, 2013


December 13, 2011

A recent comment (originally a bit misquoted) by Eric Schmidt asserting developers will overwhelmingly prefer writing apps for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich over Apple’s iOS has resulted in some commotion among Apple watchers. His bait? Ad dollars on the Android platform. However, Android is generating an estimated$833 million in ad revenue a year for Google, at most, and two-thirds of this sum comes from iOS devices. Apple on its part paid out $3 billion to developers as of October 2011 after its customary 30 percent cut.

Even though Android beats iOS in unit sales, the number of devices available and activation numbers, iOS remains the most popular app environment in the world and now Flurry has some analytics confirming that app developers are betting on iOS this holiday season. Based on data gathered from 135,000 iOS and Android apps using Flurry analytics, turns out Android developers make barely a quarter of what their iOS peers are earning, or approximately 24 percent.

Flurry’s findings also beg the question of where does this leave other platforms? Well, per another report issued today by research firm NPD, iOS and Android combined represent a commanding 80 percent of the market for smartphones in the United States through October 2011, mostly at the expense of Research In Motion and Microsoft (see BGR’s handy comparison chart after the break).

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The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac

November 9, 2011

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata declared Apple and iOS as the “enemy of the future” back in 2010. Not only was he right, according to new estimates for the U.S. portable game software by revenue from Flurry Analytics, 2011 seen Nintendo’s grip on the market slide even further as iOS and Android games triple their marketshare from 20% in 2009 to 60% during 2011.

The graphic above shows U.S. revenue for Flurry’s portable gaming category- a category that now includes Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, iOS, and Android. As you can see, iOS and Android have together taken the lead from Nintendo with 58% of revenues in comparison to last year’s 34%. In comparison, Nintendo DS held 57% during 2010, while dropping to just 36% in 2011. Total US revenue jumped from $2.7 billion in 2009 to $3.3 billion in 2011.

When comparing combined game revenues of the two veterans– Sony and Nintendo– with the combined revenues of the two new guys– Apple and Google– 2011 will be the first year where the emerging platforms dominate with iOS and Android estimated to take in $1.9 billion in comparison to the DS and PSP’s $1.4 billion. That accounts for a $200 million drop for Sony and Nintendo and $1.1 billion increase for iOS and Android from 2010. Perhaps investors were right to urge Nintendo to begin developing iOS titles.

As for Nintendo, the company who captured approximately two-thirds of the market in 2009 has seen their “enemy of the future” demote them to just a third of the market. Sony clearly has some catching up to do, but is hard at work on highly anticipated new handheld devices for 2012. expand full story

July 14, 2011

The second-generation Apple tablet and the arrival of a CDMA version of iPhone 4 on the Verizon Wireless network together worked like magic to re-new interest in the iOS platform. Despite what a few disgruntled developers may tell you, Apple’s iOS is by far and large the go-to platform for both budding and veteran mobile app developers. This is a summary of a new survey by Flurry, Steve Jobs’ favorite analytics company. The above chart shows more new projects started on iOS than on Android:

Studying the chart, it’s readily apparent that Android has lost developer support to iOS.  Specifically, Android new project starts have dropped from 36% in Q1 to 28% in Q2.  Overall, total Flurry iOS and Android new project starts grew from 9,100 in Q1 to 10,200 in Q2.  Of note, this drop in Android developer support represents the second quarter-over-over slide, which follows a year of significant, steady growth for the Google-built OS. Over the course of 2010, Android developer support had climbed steadily each quarter, peaking at 39% in Q4 2010.

They explain Apple’s lead…

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March 22, 2010

The pie charts below say it all.  The iPhone OS (including iPod touch) is making significant headway into the PSP and to a lesser extent, the Nintendo DS’s revenue streams.  The numbers have to be especially painful for Sony who had four times as much revenue as Apple in 2008 which dropped to just over half of Apple’s revenue in 2009.

With the iPad set to be released in coming weeks around the globe, the iPhone OS is poised to grab even more of that Portable Gaming revenue.

When console games are added, the iPhoneOS still commands 5% of the market compared to 1% in 2008.

January 24, 2010

Flurry, an analytics company that tracks iPhone apps, says that over the weekend they started seeing Apple Tablets (no rez proof is published) which are running the iPhone OS 3.2 (not 4.0?).  The tablets are running a variety of iPhone apps but seem to be leaning towards Games, Entertainment, News & Books and Lifestyle apps.  

Update: I’ve gotten word from Flurry VP of Marketing, Peter Farago on the specifics below.

Hi Seth,  
This is a fair question. We feel confident that we are looking at the tablet device for two main reasons, that I can share with you. Also note that, as a company, we have experience tracking new Apple hardware devices in the past.  
1) If this were an iPhone we were looking at, the hardware would tell us when we ask it (via the software). So we can rule out that this is an iPhone. Also, we already see verified iPhone devices testing OS 4.0 and these leave (Apple’s Cupertino, CA) campus, whereas this device does not. This makes sense given the secrecy around the new tablet device as the launch event nears.  
2) The apps being tested match up to what the devices is supposed to feature (e.g., news, books, etc.). We cannot share further detail here due to Terms of Service agreements we have with customers that use our service, but feel that if you were able to see the data we see, at the level of granularity, it would be clear to you as well.  
Of course the truth will be revealed on Wednesday, but we wouldn’t publish such a report without a high level of confidence.  
Flurry is not interested in building a business on rumor, but rather authority, credibility and accuracy.  
Peter Farago  
VP Marketing  
Flurry, Inc.

December 28, 2009

The iPod touch has been a hot gift this Christmas, reveals mobile App analytics firm, Flurry, which has published data revealing that between November and December iPod touch App store downloads eclipsed those of the iPhone on Christmas Day.

The company says that over Christmas, downloads from iPod touches exceeded those from iPhones by 172% – and that downloads from third-generation iPod touches jumped by 900% on Christmas Day itself, compared to the average of previous Fridays in December.

December was a record-breaking month for the App Store, with downloads increasing by more than 50% compared to November based on average daily download figures.

The data indicates that iPod touch sales skyrocketed leading up to Christmas, helping generate major gains in App Store downloads.

Android apps also seeing increased demand, up 20%, mainly powered by the Motorola Milestone/Droid, with 49% of all Android apps sold on Christmas day coming from it.

Apple sold 22,727,000 iPods during the Christmas quarter of 2008 along with 4,363,000 iPhones. This year’s Flurry statistics plus the iPod touch and its


April 25

AAPL: 144.53

Stock Chart

Whilst we still aren’t entirely sure what the iPhone 8 will look like, there have been a flurry of rumors in the last month that the device will not be launching to Apple’s normal annual schedule.

Today, Nikkei is the latest publication to claim that the iPhone 8 may not be in customer’s hands until late October or November. The report pinpoints the OLED panel, wireless charging components and new circuit boards as the reason for the production problems.

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April 2

AAPL: 143.66

Stock Chart

In our first four Logic Pros 101 installments, we introduced you to the Logic Pro X interface, built some solid groundwork on the basics of recording, and broke down some of the complexities of the Mixer. We also detailed Plug-in and Software interfaces in order to get you started making music as fast as possible.

The best way to learn anything is to actually use it and enjoy doing so, so today we take a (very brief) mid-semester break to go over some tips to help you supercharge the recording, editing, and workflow basics we’ve learned so far. They range from organizational suggestions and lesser known features, to some absolutely imperative navigational/editing techniques for anyone looking to master the ways of LPX: expand full story

March 28

AAPL: 143.80

Stock Chart

March 9

AAPL: 138.68

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Renault has announced that many of its new cars will offer CarPlay compatibility from April.

R-LINK 2, available in Megane, Scenic, Talisman, etc will be compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Our clients will benefit of the widest combination ever: onboard R-LINK apps and Google/Apple apps. All integrated onto the car screen – with easy switch from one to the other. The customer has the choice, safely, thanks to voice control straight from the steering wheel.

The announcement is a little vague – including that ‘etc’ in the quote above – but appears to indicate that CarPlay support will not be available in either the Clio or Captur …

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January 5

AAPL: 116.61

Stock Chart

January 4

AAPL: 116.02

Stock Chart

December 30, 2016

AAPL: 115.82

Stock Chart

December 29, 2016

AAPL: 116.73

Stock Chart

Analysts say that device activations show that Apple wasn’t able to capitalise on the dramatic recall of Samsung’s Note 7. Despite the damage done to Samsung’s reputation, and the opportunity that created for Apple to persuade owners to switch platform, most Note 7 buyers ended up replacing it with another high-end Galaxy phone, said Stephen Baker, primary hardware analyst at tech industry research firm NPD.

Samsung was able to fend off other Android competition, and Apple, too, thanks to Apple’s own lack of a wowing product this year.

Mobile industry consultant Chetan Sharma agreed with NPD’s assessment … 

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December 28, 2016

AAPL: 116.76

Stock Chart

Tim Cook was spotted today visiting the floor of the New York Stock Exchange where he was asked by CNBC about the recently launched (and backordered) AirPods. The Apple CEO described the new wireless earphones as “a run away success” and promised Apple is making more units “as fast as we can” when asked about supply constraints.

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December 27, 2016

AAPL: 117.26

Stock Chart

In a new report released today by Flurry Analytics, Apple has again once topped the charts this holiday season. Using a mix of phone and app activations, Flurry discovered that Apple saw more than double the number of smartphone activations as Samsung, and a noticeable increase in phablet device activations.

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December 20, 2016

AAPL: 116.95

Stock Chart

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