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iPad Stories December 27, 2010

Apple announces Q1 earnings conference call for January 18th

According to, Apple will have its Q1 2011 conference call on January 18th.  Tune in here to find out how many Macs and  iOS devices Apple sold during the holiday and perhaps we’ll get another cameo by CEO Steve Jobs.

iPad Stories January 3, 2011

AAPL market cap breaks $300 billion barrier

Apple remains the world’s most valuable company (after Exxon) with a market cap that this morning exceeded $300 billion, reports declare. On active trade on the Dow Apple (AAPL) rose $7 to hit a new record intraday high this morning — right now Apple stock sits near $330 per share for a market cap of over […]

iPad Stories December 17, 2010

TK Maxx (UK) selling iPads £100 off

We have been told that TJ Maxx in the UK, TK Maxx, has started selling iPads at a discounted price. The discount appears to be £100 on all models making the entry level 16 GB WiFi iPad £329.00 instead of £429.00. We’re not exactly sure which models are in store but readers have spotted both […]

iPad Stories December 22, 2010

That iPad mini rumor just refuses to die

From the “I can’t believe this ain’t viral advertising” dept comes the heart-warming tale of Taiwanese pop star, Jimmy Lin, who has posted a pic of himself holding a proper iPad along with a device he claims is the first prototype of an  iPad mini.  (It’s not).  Never mind Steve Jobs recently said that seven inch […]

iPad Stories December 23, 2010

President Obama 'celebrates' Steve Jobs, FT calls him 'Man of the year'

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been named 2010’s ‘Person of the Year’ even while US President, Barack Obama, speaks up for the wealth of the Apple co-founder. The Financial Times named Jobs its person of the year, saying the introduction of the iPad marked the moment when the ‘rebound’ in Apple’s fortunes “was complete”. The […]

iPad Stories December 17, 2010

iPad 'Daily' Mag to drop Jan 17th

News Corp sources tell News Corp reporters that News Corp’s iPad app, the Daily will drop on January 17th. Given that News Corp. has hired dozens of blabby journalists for the Daily, and interviewed many more, lots of other details about the app/service have leaked out already: It will come out daily, it will sell […]

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