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iOS Devices Stories August 19, 2009

MSFT pins hopes on Win Mobile 7 – late 2010

Microsoft seems scared, wooing iPhone developers to bring their WWDC-invented ideas to its Windows Mobile platform, while inventing a dual platform pitch to compete with Android and Apple.

Microsoft isn’t expected to introduce a fully updated version of Windows Mobile until next year, but will ship it the upgraded Windows Mobile 6.5 in October. But Windows Mobile partners won’t feel the magic touch – Microsoft won’t be enabling touch interfaces until a little later, in February 2010, reports Digitimes.

iOS Devices Stories February 13, 2010

Microsoft Turtle phone hits FCC

Our brief foray into Microsoft Windows phone rumors last September looks to have been pretty spot on.  ZuneBoards today shows the “Turtle” version of the phone we’ve all come to know and love hitting the FCC.  They prognosticate a MWC release on a Zune like Windows Mobile 7 OS.  So where’s the “Pure”, Microsoft?  Surely you can’t keep that under wraps for another week.  

Is there any chance that these phones give the iPhone a run for its money?

Images via WM Experts.

iOS Devices Stories February 16, 2010

Did Microsoft just exit the Enterprise with Windows Phone 7 Series?

First of all, I must say I like the design of the new Windows Phone 7 series OS (but what a horrible name!) It is very ZuneHD-like which in my experience has been quick, minimalist OS. Microsoft boasts of Facebook and Twitter integration right into your “People” contacts list.

It integrates your photo albums into Facebook and Windows Live. gives you a feed of your friends’ status updates. Don’t forget Xbox Live.

This is every CIOs dream phone!

Time to ramp up the help desk to deal with those Facebook/Twitter calls and get them trained up on Xbox issues.

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iOS Devices Stories March 1, 2010

Tablet screen mystery solved: Send in the Clones

Remember that monster iPhone-lookin’ glassware that MacObserver found a few weeks before the tablet launch? At the time, there was some speculation that it was the glass for the iPad.

Well it did belong somewhere, just not within light years of an Apple product.  In fact, China was already cloning the iPhone/iPad before it was released  Engadget today shows us:

And the back:

iOS Devices Stories September 4, 2009

iPhone gains 10% web browsing use in August

Use of an iPhone to access the Web climbed c.10 per cent in August when compared to the previous month, and its share of total internet traffic has more than doubled since October last year, the latest NetApplications statistics inform.

iPhone’s accounted for 0.33 per cent of Web traffic last month, up from 0.30 per cent the month before and 0.14 per cent in October 2008, the figures reveal.

That’s one-third of the number of machines running Linux currently being used to access the Web; and is a higher figure than use of Java ME and Symbian devices to get online.

iOS Devices Stories November 2, 2009

Windows 7's latest innovation – broken iPhone sync on Intel P55 chipsets, claims

iPhone users running the latest, greatest Microsoft OS, Windows 7, have encountered an interesting little error on behalf of the iPhone hating-Steve Ballmer led company – PC’s using a new Intel chipsets seem unable to sync with the Apple device.

According to a Register report, PC’s running Intel’s P55 chipset face an error which prevents iPhone sync through iTunes on various WIndows PC’s that use the chips.

Apple Discussions are carrying reports of the problem, which Microsoft and Intel are allegedly looking into.

iOS Devices Stories December 9, 2009

Microsoft: Do not mention/use Apple products at our events

Probably still  reeling from all publicity around these shots, Microsoft reportedly told journalists gathered for a company press event in Germany not to use or mention Apple products.  Our German is a bit rusty and Google is even worse, but according to Handelsblatt and our bad translation:

“While at a Windows Mobile 6.5 demonstration in Munich, Germany a journalist was warned by a Microsoft spokesman not to mention or use Apple products…since it was a Microsoft event the journalist had previously told everyone that he had never owned an easier to use cell phone than the iPhone.”

iOS Devices Stories January 11, 2010

4G iPhone coming in 'early May'?

Those French Mobile Operators….they love to talk.  The latest information escaping their lips, according to French Magazine (via TiPB), is that the iPhone 4G* is coming in early May, not the typical June-July timeframe that we are used to.   The magazine cites “several industry sources” but couldn’t offer any details on the 4G iPhone.  They also speculate that the reason for an early launch would be to counter Google’s rush of higher specced smart super phones with the Android OS.

They also mention that Microsoft could be a competitor as well, though we heard today that Windows Mobile 7 might not come until 2011 – which might as well be 3011.

*4th generation as in iteration of iPhone not 4G network

iOS Devices Stories March 6, 2009

Snow Leopard goes 64-Bit, to be released on June 8th with Stevo?

World of Apple is publishing (naughty, naughty) Apple’s Snow Leopard release notes, below, which include a new Quicktime Player UI, a new Cocoa Desktop, Info Window and Contextual Menus and of course the new Safari 4 Web Browser.  All good news, but there seem to be some big hurdles to overcome by June..June you say? […]

iOS Devices Stories June 29, 2008

More from iPhone Canada…leaked Memo to Rogers employees?

An anonymous poster over at iPhone in posted what is supposed to be the employee Rogers iPhone 3G In-Store Activation Process and Store Setup Requirements for iPhone.  Have a look.  If it is a fake, someone has a lot o time on their hands.

iOS Devices Stories January 8, 2008

Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 to ape the iPhone

An interesting blog post seems to have gotten some goods on the next version of Windows Mobile 7.  Unsurprisingly, Microsoft went to their old standby of copying Apple and getting rid of the stylus- using the touch interface, including pinching for zooming and swiping for panning, multitouch and even using accelerometers for landscaping and portaiting the screen.  It remains to be seen how "vigerously Apple chooses to protect its patents" – as Steve Jobs stated at last years Macworld..

iOS Devices Stories August 16, 2010

Microsoft announces XBOX Live for Windows 7 phones

It is kind of amazing that after all of these years of building an OS and productivity suites, the best thing going for Microsoft’s as yet unreleased platform is games.

Sony is also taking aim at mobile gaming.  More below

iOS Devices Stories July 24, 2010

Browser Speed test: iPhone 4 vs. Windows Phone 7 series

Windows Phone 7 will be about the only major mobile platform not using a Webkit browser.  And it shows.  While Google and Apple are taking turns being the fastest (and Blackberry’s new Webkit browser showing promise), Windows Mobile, based on IE’s engine is…well…watch:


While Windows Phone 7 is still in beta, other platforms aren’t standing still.  A fast browser is one of the most important parts of a Smartphone. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft can overcome this disparity. 

iOS Devices Stories June 13, 2011

iWWDC: Devs flock to iOS for ease of development and monetization

Philip Elmer-DeWitt relayed on the Fortune blog a survey that Piper Jaffray’s resident Apple analyst Gene Munster conducted during Apple’s annual developer conference which took place in San Francisco last week. He compared the results to a similar survey conducted in 2008, when Android wasn’t on the map yet. Speaking to 45 iOS developers attending […]

iOS Devices Stories May 24, 2011

You can now AirPlay your iOS media to Windows Media Center

Fans have taken AirPlay, a wireless media streaming technology from Apple, to places far beyond the boundaries of the iOS/Apple TV walled garden. For example, we’ve seen stuff like a Cydia hack that enables AirPlay in any third-party app, AirPlay support on Android and more. Developer Thomas Pleasance took it upon himself to enable AirPlay on […]

iOS Devices Stories April 27, 2011

Apple sets the record straight on location tracking: It was a bug, fix is underway

Apple has finally gone on the record regarding the ongoing story about iOS location tracking by putting out a press release this morning. The document entitled “Q&A on Location Data” begins by saying that “Apple would like to respond to the questions we have recently received about the gathering and use of location information by […]

iOS Devices Stories September 24, 2010

iPhone versus Windows Phone 7

Here’s a video showing some of the differences between Windows 7 and the iPhone. Win 7 incidentally seems set to drive some future Nokia smartphones.

iOS Devices Stories January 31, 2011

Theft deterrent? Windows 7 iPhone theme

If you are jailbroken and want to make an angel cry, here is a iPhone running a pretty convincing Windows Phone 7 theme.

iOS Devices Stories February 1, 2011

A quarter of Apps are only used once

Mobile device users are acquiring ever more discretion about the Apps they use, with 26 percent of Apps only ever getting used once after being downloaded.

iOS Devices Stories December 20, 2010

Nokia and Microsoft seek smartphone alliance?

Yet more fascinating action in the smartphone space with an unholy rumored combination between Nokia and Microsoft set to potentially change the structure of the market. What’s happening?

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