A14 Bionic Stories May 2

After digging into Apple Silicon, researchers have discovered a new vulnerability that affects Apple’s latest M1 and A14 chips. The Augury Apple Silicon microarchitectural flaw has been demonstrated to leak data at rest but doesn’t appear to be “that bad” at this point.

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A14 Bionic Stories April 28, 2021

We’re expecting Apple to launch the 2021 16-inch MacBook Pro later this year, with Apple Silicon. It’s currently unclear whether Apple will label the chip an M1X or M2, but either way, we can expect some pretty dramatic performance improvements over the current M1-based 13-inch MacBook Pro (above).

Exceeding the performance of Intel’s high-end CPUs doesn’t look like much of a challenge, but matching or beating the high-end GPUs available in build-to-order versions of the Intel machines could take more work…

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A14 Bionic Stories January 11, 2021

A new report today says that Apple will be responsible for more than half of all 5nm chips made this year, and that Samsung will be in a distant third place at around 5% of the latest smaller-process chips. The A14 chip was Apple’s first use of a 5nm process.

Apple will also be in large part responsible for Qualcomm coming in second, at around a quarter of the likely production …

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A14 Bionic Stories December 18, 2020

Qualcomm has officially showcased benchmarks for its new flagship Snapdragon 888 processor, which is expected to power top-of-the-line Android devices in 2021. The benchmarks, while respectable, show that the Snapdragon 888 lags behind Apple’s A13 and A14 processors.

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A14 Bionic Stories October 27, 2020

A Chinese-language newspaper has posted what it claims is the chip roadmap for the first Apple Silicon Macs, citing supply-chain sources to suggest three versions of the A14 chip.

The report says that there will be three variants of the A14 processor so far seen in the iPad Air and iPhone 12, two of which will power Apple Silicon Macs …

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A14 Bionic Stories October 12, 2020

Apple first announced the A14 Bionic chip as it unveiled the iPad Air in September. Now just ahead of the company revealing its iPhone 12 lineup that will also feature the chip, Apple’s VP of platform architecture Tim Millet shared more insight on designing the chip and the impressive performance they’re seeing, how Apple is thinking about chip design for the future ranging from iPhone to Mac, and more.

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