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Updates to Google Docs & Slides let you insert & quickly edit images on iOS

Google is today rolling out updates to its Google Docs and Slides mobile apps bringing the ability to insert images directly from the app on both phones and tablets.

With the update, iPhone and iPad users will be able to access their camera roll or snap a new photo to insert directly into a document or Slides presentation.

In addition, the update includes quicker access to make basic edits in Slides by allowing users to enter crop mode by double tapping any image in a presentation.

Google notes that both of the new features will work in offline mode.

The updated Docs and Slides apps should be hitting the App Store today.

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Apple’s iPhones became Flickr’s most popular camera phones in 2008 and most popular cameras overall soon thereafter, but even now, iPhones constitute only 9.6% of the photo-sharing site’s userbase. Despite the iPhone’s undeniable popularity, over 90% of photographers are using other cameras: Canon has a 13.4% share, Nikon 9.3%, Samsung 5.6%, and Sony 4.2%, with tons of other brands following close behind. While the cameras in phones continue to improve every year, they’re not the best tools for photography — they’re just the ones most people carry with them all the time.

If you shoot photos with a DSLR or point-and-shoot camera, you probably aren’t sending images directly to the Internet from the camera itself. You probably come back home, transfer your photos to your computer, then edit and share them with Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom or one of Apple’s three photo management apps — iPhoto, Aperture, or the beta version of Photos.

For around $30, your iPhone or iPad can change the way you shoot, edit, and share photos. Using the right accessories and apps, you can easily publish DSLR-quality photos a minute after snapping them. I’ve been doing this for years, and it works incredibly well; today, it’s actually better than at any time in the past, thanks to recent iPhone and iPad hardware improvements. This new How-To guide will walk you through everything you’ll need to know to use your iPhone or iPad as a photo editing and sharing station, looking at photo transferring accessories, editing software, and sharing options…

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Waze app now automatically remembers where you park

Waze, the maps and navigation app acquired by Google last year, today gets an update that introduces a few new features to help improve navigation through user feedback.

First up, the app will now automatically remember and save where you park when using it to navigate to your destination: ”Your parking location will be saved automatically. Plus, you’ll help Waze learn where to find parking & how much time to account.”

Other new features included in today’s version 3.9 update: the ability to “easily add or edit places, business or residential” as well options for adding arrival photos and driving info for specific destinations. In addition, the update adds search autocomplete worldwide for all users.

The Waze app is available now on iPhone and iPad for free.

What’s New in Version 3.9

Version 3.9 introduces Waze Places! Help make information on local places fresh & accurate for everyone.

– Easily add or edit places, business or residential – Add driving related info like if a place has a parking lot or drive-thru – Add arrival photos to help others find a place at any time – Drive with Waze until you park: your parking location will be saved automatically. Plus, you’ll help Waze learn where to find parking & how much time to account – Search autocomplete added worldwide – Multiple bug fixes and optimizations

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Veedeo for iPhone allows you to create and share custom video clips with animated text, music, and effects

A new app called Veedeo launched on the iOS App Store today that allows you to create video clips with custom text and a blur effect similar to what you see throughout iOS 7’s new design. The short video clips are designed to be shared via social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

The app doesn’t support importing video from your camera roll to edit, though the developers have said this is coming along with support for the front-facing camera soon. The current version of the app requires you to record a 12-second clip (or shorter) directly within the software. You can then add an optional blur effect to the video (with two different blur intensity options available), and select background music from your iTunes library.

Animated text can be added to the clips during creation by selecting one of the app’s built-in templates. Some contain fully pre-written messages like “Have a Merry Christmas” while many of the others have parts that can be customized, such as “Happy Birthday, <your text here>”.

Once you’ve got your video perfected, you can export it to your camera roll to share through iMessage, email, or your social network of choice.

You can grab Veedeo for iPhone right now on the App Store for $.99. It requires an iPhone 4S or newer running iOS 7.

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Facebook iOS app now lets iPad users edit posts

Back in October Facebook added the ability to edit posts and comments and also view all of your changes. However, at the time the feature was only available to iPhone users. Today iPad users can finally edit posts too with an update to the Facebook iOS app that just rolled out on the App Store.

Also new in version 6.7 of the app is new languages for icons, but Facebook doesn’t list the specific languages in its release notes.

The Facebook app is available on the App Store for free.

What’s New in Version 6.7

• Now in additional languages: Use icons to share how you’re feeling and what you’re doing • Now on iPad: Edit your posts and tap to see all your changes • Bug fixes

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