FIDO Alliance Stories May 30

The prospect of a world without passwords can’t come soon enough for me, but a problem has been raised with the FIDO standard designed to eliminate the need for them. Namely, that abandoning passwords could make it harder to switch between ecosystems.

If you have your passkeys setup for Apple devices, there is nothing in the standard allowing you to transfer them to an Android device, or vice versa …

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FIDO Alliance Stories May 5

In early 2020, Apple joined the FIDO Alliance, an open industry association created to increase the interoperability of authentication methods and reduce reliance on traditional passwords. Now Apple, Google, and Microsoft have committed to expanding support for the FIDO Standard, moving toward a universal “passwordless” sign-in method.

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FIDO Alliance Stories March 18

A password-less future could be even more convenient, thanks to the latest addition to the FIDO standard – which Apple brands as Passkeys in iCloud Keychain.

The proposal means that you could automatically log in to a secure website, for example, simply by having a second Apple device with you …

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FIDO Alliance Stories May 27, 2020

The FIDO Alliance, backed by Apple and Google, debuts loginwithFIDO․com

The FIDO Alliance, which is backed by Apple, Google, and Microsoft want to eliminate password complexity. Today, they are launching a brand new website to help educate consumers on what Login with FIDO is all about.

FIDO Alliance Stories October 23, 2019

The Apple Watch could completely replace passwords and one-time codes, thanks to a new form of authentication being touted as a way to “solve the world’s password problem.”

I’ve argued before that passwords are horrible

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FIDO Alliance Stories April 6, 2016


I mused recently about the limited support for 3D Touch, not just from third-party developers but even by Apple itself. That’s not something I consider a huge deal: the novelty appeal of 3D Touch soon wore off for me, and I decided I could happily live without it when switching from the iPhone 6s to the iPhone SE. It was just something that struck me as odd.

But exactly the same issue exists with Touch ID, and that’s something I do think is a big deal.

Passwords are horrible. They were fine way back in the days when we only needed a handful of them, but these days you need a password to do everything from transferring photos from a camera to an iPad through to ordering a pizza. We probably each have hundreds of the darned things.

And passwords are especially horrible on iOS devices – where we have to switch an on-screen keyboard between letters, numbers and symbols multiple times to type a single password. That’s a problem that ought to have been almost completely solved by Touch ID – yet that’s not the case …

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