fire Stories January 25, 2016

Fire last night at Foxconn’s main iPhone manufacturing plant “spanned several floors of the factory”

Update: A video from the People’s Daily does make it seem surprising that production would be unaffected.

A fire broke out last night at Foxconn’s main iPhone manufacturing plant in Zhengzhou, China, with the WSJ noting that it spanned several floors of the factory. Foxconn confirmed reports, but said that there were no casualties and production was not affected.

Local authorities said they are investigating the cause of the fire. The fire began in the central air conditioning fan and ventilation ducts on the roof of one of Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plants, according to a statement on the website of the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone.

There have been previous fires and explosions at Foxconn factories, the most serious of which was at an iPad 2 production facility in 2011, when three workers were killed and fifteen injured. That incident also had a major impact on iPad production.

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fire Stories June 3, 2015


Apple has issued a rare recall notice on one of its products today: the Beats Pill XL portable Bluetooth speaker sold in Apple Stores and various other retailers. The voluntary recall cites a situation in which the battery can overheat and become a fire hazard. Apple purchased Beats Electronics and Beats Music for some $3 billion in 2014. The current Beats Pill XL hardware has remained the same since Apple purchased the speaker company. Press release below:

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fire Stories April 8, 2013

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fire Stories June 14, 2012

Amazon’s Kindle app now supports 1000 titles for children’s books, graphic novels, and comics

Amazon just bulked its Kindle app for iOS, Android, and its Cloud Reader by adding children’s books, comics, and graphic novels that were previously exclusive to Kindle Fire owners.

The apps now offer over 1,000 titles for children with features like Text Pop-Up, which help to improve and simplify the reading experience, and Kindle Panel View for comics and graphics to allow panel-by-panel viewing. A few of the literary additions include Brown Bear, Curious George, Batman, and Superman.

The iOS version also touts a new Search option to locate content by title or author. Meanwhile, Android tablet owners, or those with Cloud Reader on a widescreen display, will notice the ability to customize their reading experience with new margin and line spacing controls and side-by-side viewing of two pages in landscape mode.

The Kindle for iOS app is free on the App Store and boasts a 3.5-star rating based on over 165,000 reviews as of press time.

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