iPhone 11 Pro Diary Stories May 11

Last month, ABC announced that it was teaming up with Apple for help producing American Idol from home amid COVID-19. In a new statement today, Apple touts the flexibility and “broadcast quality” video offered by the iPhone for these situations.

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iPhone 11 Pro Diary Stories April 6

It’s not quite 28 Days Later out there, but I did get the chance to put the iPhone 11 Pro camera to an unusual test some 28 Weeks Later – almost to the day since the phone’s launch.

The UK is under lockdown at present, with people allowed out only for four reasons: work which cannot be done from home; shopping for essentials; medical or emergency needs, for you or someone else; and exercise – which is to say, walking, running or cycling …

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iPhone 11 Pro Diary Stories November 21, 2019

Yeah, I know that sounds strange, not long after I concluded that we weren’t yet at the point where I could use my iPhone as my only camera. Specifically, I decided it was a great social camera, but doesn’t yet replace a travel one.

There were, however, three reasons for having it be my only camera on this particular trip, which was to Buenos Aires…

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iPhone 11 Pro Diary Stories October 15, 2019

I’d so far given the iPhone 11 Pro camera a very high bar to meet: Could it be good enough that it would be the only camera I’d need while travelling? The answer to that question was a resounding no, even after double-checking.

But that’s mostly because I demand very high quality from my travel photos, so noise that would be largely unnoticeable at web-viewing size would disturb me in prints or when viewing on a large screen, both things I do with travel shots. I also want the ability to shoot 30-second exposures on demand, not when my camera decides it’s dark enough to permit it.

A recent night out, however, provided the opportunity to put the camera to the test in a more common situation…

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iPhone 11 Pro Diary Stories October 7, 2019

I had only a few minutes to play with the iPhone 11 Pro camera on release day, taking just a few hand-held iPhone night photos to test Night Mode.

But a couple of readers made a good point in response. Although the vast, vast majority of iPhone photos will be handheld, it wasn’t fair to compare the results against a DSLR or mirrorless camera when those were tripod-mounted 30-second exposures. For a fair comparison, I should also mount the iPhone on a tripod, and let it also use its longest-available (pseudo) shutter speed…

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iPhone 11 Pro Diary Stories September 23, 2019

In my iPhone 11 Pro Diary pieces to date, there’s been one consistent theme: it’s all about the cameras. In particular, I wanted to know whether the combination of ultra-wide-angle lens and Night Mode might enable the iPhone to serve as the only camera I need when traveling?

Friday night gave me a few minutes to play around with Night Mode. We were on our way home from the theatre, so these are just a few very quick snapshots, but they give a decent initial sense of how well the Night Mode copes late at night…

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