Leviton Stories March 29

Leviton expands HomeKit lineup with new hub-less switches and dimmers

Leviton is out today with its second-gen Decora smart switches and dimmers that feature hub-less HomeKit support. The new lineup includes a 600W Dimmer, 15A Switch, Mini Plug-in Switch, and Mini-Plug-in Dimmer.

Leviton Stories February 19, 2019

Leviton has unveiled its next generation electrical Load Center. The new breaker panel works with an integrated Wi-Fi or Ethernet hub to offer remote circuit control, monitor electrical consumption, set up smart alerts, and more with its iOS and Android app.

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Leviton Stories January 8, 2019

This morning at CES, Leviton has announced three new smart home products for its Decora smart home lineup and also refreshed its My Leviton app with new UI and more. Headlining the new releases is Decora Voice, a smart light switch with dimming, scheduling, and Alexa voice control built-in.

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Leviton Stories July 14, 2017

Decora Smart Dimmer in Bedroom

Before I had even moved into my new apartment a few months ago, I was already dreaming of ways to integrate HomeKit throughout the space. The number one priority being how to turn it into a not-so-obvious smart home. I didn’t want blinking LEDs littering my apartment, and I didn’t want guests having to question how exactly to turn on a light switch. It needed to appear like a regular apartment, but be HomeKit compatible.

The area I struggled with the most was the light switch. Through weeks of hunting I came across ones that required hubs, had obnoxious LEDs, or looked like alien light switches. Then came Leviton with its HomeKit compatible Decora Smart Switch and Dimmer. At first glance, they don’t even appear to be “smart,” which couldn’t be more perfect for my setup.

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