satellite Stories September 5, 2021

Last week, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple would support LEO satellite communications with iPhone 13, then, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman gave more details about the feature and its implementation.

Now, in his Power On newsletter, the journalist goes a little bit further and says satellite features will be available only in select markets.

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satellite Stories February 16, 2016


After earlier reports claiming that Apple was planning to open a new office of sorts in Hyderabad, India, today the company has confirmed to local publications that it will indeed expand in the area with a new development office planned for later this year. Apple’s statement via a report from The Economic Times is below:

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satellite Stories March 17, 2015

Apple TV HBO Now

My cable provider is pretty terrible. I don’t need to name any names because this likely applies to your cable provider as well. They are all horrible. I often experience drops on popular channels, get bonus filler channels that no one wants, and see indiscriminate additional subscription fees and charges without any real reason. This Onion article, though it is satire, doesn’t stray too far from the truth.

For a very casual TV watcher, it’s not a great experience – to put it mildly.

So the prospect of an Apple web TV service with a price tag of around $40, as the WSJ and others reported last night, is highly appealing to me if it means I can catch the few shows I watch now without the hassle of my cable subscription. I’ll still be tied to the monopolies for Internet service which isn’t terrific, but the theoretical ‘Apple Cable’ service has the potential to fix a number of problems for me.

Apple started off its March event with the announcement that HBO Now, the premium network’s new $15/month web service, will be available with 3-month exclusivity on the App Store and Apple TV at launch next month. While we’ve heard for quite some time that Apple is developing a web TV service, and the upcoming HBO Now channel seems to be the best taste of what that could offer. I’m hopeful that the potential ‘Apple Cable’ can solve my cable subscription woes. Here’s how:

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satellite Stories March 20, 2013

Take calls over the ocean, in the Congo or Outback with Thuraya’s SatSleeve satellite case for iPhone

Thuraya, a mobile satellite operator and telecommunications company providing coverage in more than 140 countries across Asia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East and Europe, announced on Wednesday the launch of its SatSleeve product to enable satellite connectivity on the iPhone. It also builds in a 3.7V Li-ion, 2400 mAh battery pack to extend your iPhone’s battery life, an emergency call button, and its own microphone and speaker. The iPhone case and combo satellite/battery dock come together to allow access to SMS and phone calls on Thuraya’s satellite network.

Thuraya provides services to a number of sectors, including energy, military, and aviation, and it provides roaming services in the United States through a deal with T-Mobile USA.

While iPhones are typically supported by terrestrial networks, Thuraya SatSleeve enables users to enjoy ubiquitous coverage even in the most remote environments. The Thuraya SatSleeve also serves as an important mobile communications tool for corporate users, especially enterprises operating in remote locations, explorers, mountaineers and other outdoor enthusiasts — ideal for prolonged expeditions that take these users deep into uncharted areas that are not served by terrestrial mobile networks.

The product appears to be available for 30-pin devices only, and there are no details on pricing, but you can contact Thuraya through its website to purchase SatSleeve. You can check out Thuraya’s coverage map.

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