More rumors of Apple’s next-generation iPad and iPhones have hit the web today. TechCrunch added further credence to rumors of a gold iPhone 5S shipping along with the usual black and white models after photos what appears to be the back shell of that device leaked earlier this week. Earlier this week iMore noted that it would not be difficult for Apple to create a gold iPhone 5S, but that the decision against it may have previously been a commercial issue. However, gold is a popular color in the China market, which could give the iPhone 5S an even bigger boost in sales in that region.

The gold 5S will add even more color to the iPhone lineup, which is already expected to become quite colorful with the release of a low-cost plastic “iPhone 5C” later this year.

French rumor site NowhereElse has posted photos of what they claim are the back shells of the fifth-generation iPad and second-generation iPad mini. While 9to5Mac has previously reported on the black/slate version of this shell, this is one of the first photos of the white/silver version that we have seen.

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2 Responses to “New next-gen iOS device rumors: Photos of silver iPad 5 back, more claims of gold 5S”

  1. I can’t wait for a gold iPhone… I love the new kitsch Ivy style. But I dream an all diamonds version!


  2. Alexa Morris says:

    Gold or silver what ever.. Apple is always having a competition with its rivals