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Since its launch yesterday, popular Twitter client Tweetbot 3 for iPhone has topped the paid app charts in several App Store-supported countries across the world. A look at AppAnnie’s data indicates that the new application is the top paid app overall in 35 countries, and it is the top app in the Social Networking category in 70 countries. As Tweetbot developer Paul Haddad notes, these impressive launch day statistics are evidence for why developers should charge for major app updates…

Today, the developers behind Tweetbot have published a question and answer guide that answers some of the more common questions from customers about the new app. The post also indicates some helpful enhancements that will come in future updates to Tweetbot 3. Namely, a new way to adjust font size (separate from iOS 7’s Dynamic Type feature), a dark theme, new swiping gestures, and fixes for commonly reported bugs are in the works. The developers also say that Tweetbot 2 will return to the App Store with bug fixes in the near future.

In terms of other Apple devices getting new Tweetbot apps, an iPad redesign is in the works, and an update for Tweetbot for Mac with support for OS X Maverick’s Smooth Scrolling feature is incoming. You can read our full review of Tweetbot 3.0 for iPhone here, and stay tuned for coverage on future versions of the app.

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7 Responses to “Tweetbot 3 becomes top paid app in several countries, developers discuss future enhancements”

  1. Anyone else having trouble hearing the sounds in the app?


  2. I hate putting it this way, but are you people all in the tank for Tweetbot? I’ve seen practically the same headline on several blog sites, and it’s perplexing why anyone (outside of the developers) would care to the extent that the coverage implies.


  3. Don’t buy this app. The devs have a history of abandoning paid apps and refusing to comment or reply to inquires on them.


  4. Lee Palisoc says:

    This app was literally gone from my purchased apps. Tsssh!


  5. Why do I have to buy this app again?