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The Apple Online Store has just come back online after about two hours of downtime in preparation for the iPad Air launch in the United States. All four major carriers are also offering the fifth-generation iPad on their own stores.

The iPad Air is the newest version of Apple’s iconic tablet. The latest model features the same 64-bit A7 processor found in the new iPhone 5s, improved cameras, and a new form factor that’s thinner and lighter than the previous generation. It ships with Apple’s new iOS 7 software. Pricing starts at  $499 for the Wi-Fi model with 16 GB of storage and goes up to $929 for the 128 GB LTE-equipped model.

Unlike the iPhone 5s, which faced supply constraints at launch, Apple is expected to be able to meet demand for the new iPad and is taking steps to ensure that every customer has a chance to get one at their convenience. You should be able to grab one from the Apple Online Store, or through the AT&TVerizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile websites, or certain region carriers.

If you’d rather get one today instead of waiting for it to arrive, you can try your local Apple Store or the carrier outlet of your choice. Bear in mind that even though people have been standing in line at many stores since last night, Apple will hold some of each model for customers later in the day.

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10 Responses to “iPad Air now available in the U.S. through Apple’s Online Store and carrier websites, shipping November 4th”

  1. Not available on T-Mobile’s site… boo!


  2. dwisehart says:

    My receipt says 12:07, California time.


  3. gef4 says:

    I logged on to Verizon’s website at 3:01 EST. At that time, all but one model said Backordered until November 11.


    • gef4 says:

      In fact, now they all are showing backordered until 11/11 on Verizon’s website with the 32 GB being November 18 – 3:30 am EST. Does this mean so much for having plentiful supply this time around?


  4. verizon2828 says:

    Got my 16GB and 32GB silver models ordered at Smooth ordering process. Going to Best Buy at 8am today as well. If they have my color/size in stock, I’ll pick them up there so I have them today and cancel my Apple order. Just covering my bases!


  5. seb020386 says:

    UK store is open as well! 30 minutes before the usual time. Got mine, 32gb silver wi-fi. Smooth process through apple store app. Deliverery on the 5th of November. Can’t wait!


  6. Waited in line at Best Buy this morning and all they had were two 16gb silver AT&T cellular models. Yet all the cellular models are available for in-store pickup today at the local Apple Store. Perhaps this is how Tim Cook desires to drive more business into the Apple Stores as the situation is the same at other local Best Buys. Can’t say so for sure, but only two cellular models when they had a couple hundred wifi models???