As we reported earlier this week, Apple has been preparing updates for Mail, iBooks, and other built-in apps on OS X Mavericks to address several issues noticed by users after the operating system’s launch. Earlier today the company released a fix for Gmail-related problems in Mail. Now they have also released an update for iBooks that addresses performance and stability problems as well as other miscellaneous bugs.

The update is only 14 MB and is available for free in the Software Update tab of the Mac App Store.

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5 Responses to “Apple releases iBooks for Mac 1.0.1 with bug fixes and stabilty improvements”

  1. Hope this fixes were it keeps downloading the books, but won’t let me read them.


  2. You could at least transfer books using iTunes Home Sharing before. Hopefully they bring that back or add iCloud sync.


  3. With iCloud sync of non-DRM ebook i already own, iBooks in Mavericks is pointless. Take a look at what Readmill and Google Play Books to see how it should be done…


  4. Should say ‘Without’ not ‘With’…


  5. MUCH better. It kept bouncing off my corporate firewall, even when I wasn’t using or hadn’t loaded the app. The new version isn’t doing that.