Update: It looks like Facebook is pushing out version 6.7.1 of the app now, with “Bug fixes”, although some users are currently reporting issues downloading the update.

Following a small update to the Facebook app for iOS yesterday that let users edit posts on the iPad for the first time, many users are reporting that the app seems to be inexplicably crashing.

Twitter users have been voicing their frustration about the update today, as they discover the app attempt to launch, and immediately crash. The problem effects both iOS 7 and iOS 6 users, as verified by our own tests. It’s currently unknown whether the bug is on the app side or the server side, but it’s likely that Facebook will release a fix soon.

Some users are reporting that simply deleting the app from your device and reinstalling it will fix the issue:

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30 Responses to “Many users reporting Facebook app crashing following latest update”

  1. When did the facebook app stopped crashing in one and in every single update on iOS? It’s unbelievable the amour of crashes it takes place in different models of iPhone and iPad!!

  2. It’s crashing with me too

  3. I had the same issue.. I made a hardware reset (press sleep+home button until u see the apple) and that fixed my problem..

  4. Had the same problem. But I’ve got a fix that worked for me:
    - Connect iPhone to iTunes with cable.
    - Delete FB from iPhone
    - Sync iPhone
    - Re-install FB app
    - Sync again
    - Restart iPhone (you can unplug from computer now)
    - Start FB app.

    Only takes a couple of minutes. Worked so far for me today. Before is kept crashing after 5-10 seconds or so. Annoying bug…

  5. Log out of Facebook in the iOS settings (choose to remove the account), then remove and reinstall the Facebook app. Log into your Facebook account via the app, then log into Facebook in the iOS settings. This should fix the issue.

  6. It crashed every time on opening at first, but restarting my phone solved it. All good now…

    • Daryl Bullis says:

      Was crashing after first update on iPhone 4s, but after restarting the iPhone it worked fine. Then the newest bug fix update…oy. Now the app is stuck in download mode. Reads: “Unable to download application: Facebook cannot be downloaded at this time.”

  7. Log in to the website via PC and check all the non viewed messages. Then try to log in again on the idevice.
    That worked for me.

  8. eastpointvet says:

    No crashes at all but still unable to edit comments on my iPhone 5s that I can on the iPhone 5.

  9. Interesting…. I guess I’m thankful that the App Store gives me an “Unable to Download App” error when I attempted to update before reading this. :)

  10. stan1028 says:

    The Facebook app apparently can’t be download from the App Store. This issue is occurring on both iOS 6 & 7.

  11. The issue is that now you cannot download the update and deleting the Facebook app from the iPhone/iPad does not solve the problem as when I try to download the full app again from the App Store an error is given and no download is happening.. so now NO FACEBOOK on my iOS devices.

  12. I’m one of the many unable to update, but i was able to delete it and reinstall the 5.0 version so its ok for now eh it would be nice to update it thought. I have the app on my Ipod touch 4th gen.

  13. Rie Rie says:

    How do you uninstall the app? I can’t get that little (X) to show up, the Facebook icon is greyed out. I hold it down and all the other icons on the page have the X.

  14. I noticed the Facebook app crashing right after I installed that new QuizUp game. I deleted the game and Facebook works fine. But I can’t download the update.

  15. I cannot even get it to install. I deleted and tried again, it just says it’s unable to do it. *sad sad face*

  16. Tammy Lewis says:

    Mine has been stuck in dark screen update limbo…”unable to update at this time” for 12 hrs!!

  17. Amye Smereka says:

    I just tried to update FB on my iPad…. The update froze saying “update failed”. Tried to get the app open but it has remained frozen. I restarted my iPad, then finally deleted the entire app. I went to the App Store to reload the FB app and now it’s unavailable. I tried to reload it, but that one keeps freezing, then deleating its self. So frustrating!

  18. I deleted Facebook from my iPhone to reinstall after probs with 6.7.1 and now I can’t reinstall it. Might leave it like that and reclaim my life!

  19. Robert Davis says:

    It won’t even download for me.

  20. zomby dev says:

    cant download latest update, so now I cant use facebook app on iphone, like c’mon???

  21. It won’t download at all for me.

  22. This was broken on Friday and thus far has not been fixed all weekend. A little concerning considering the revenue attached to this business. I would think FB would be more pro-active (or at least reactive) in getting this resolved.

  23. Jay Patel says:

    I updated my Face book app and now it keeps rolling. You did a good work guys!

  24. Pat Harris says:

    I just can’t sign in. I get an error message to please enter Facebook password for “” in Settings. When I go to Settings and enter my password, I get an error message stating “Error signing in. Could not communicate with Server.” iPhone, laptop and iPhone working fine!