philippinesApple is inviting iTunes customers to donate between $5 and $200 to the American Red Cross to assist its relief work in response to Typhoon Haiyam, which is estimated to have killed more than 10,000 people (update: the estimate was later revised to 2,500).

The typhoon – the name given to a hurricane when it occurs in the West Pacific – is thought to have been the worst ever to hit land. Philippine Red Cross volunteer rescue and relief teams are providing assistance in the hardest hit communities, including assisting in search and rescue efforts and distributing food and relief supplies to survivors.

Apple has used the iTunes donation system several times, in response to Superstorm Sandy, the tsunami in Japan and the earthquakes in Haiti.

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4 Responses to “Apple invites donations to American Red Cross to support Philippine typhoon relief”

  1. great of them for giving people the chance to donate. but the not available to international iTunes stores?


  2. It’s important to do this kind of donations through registered charities only. It’s awesome Apple has always been proactive that way. Our coworker is from the Philippines and we are raising awareness and support as well.


  3. b sharkey says:

    Yes, it’s a worthy cause, and I’m sure Apple is “inviting” people to donate for them, but why the heck should I give Apple 100% credit for my donation when they’re not responsible for my money, I probably won’t get a tax deduction, and I can just go to and do the same in a few clicks and a receipt for the IRS.

    hey it’s good they let people donate through iTunes if they have a balance and/or account already, but right now I’m typing in this web page page and it’s no different from accessing where I can type in any amount I want and it will go directly to the Typhoon relief (or whatever relief effort I choose), which the US Gov will recognize as a charitable donation.